Stoicism with a Kosher Twist

0111205875-philo_of_aFor our next discussion at BKY I wanted to return to the Stoics as I felt that there were questions remaining at the end of our last session. How might we learn to live the Stoic life, with dispassion and equanimity? Are there any techniques or exercises? Is really possible at all, and if so, is it desirable? Once again we will be focusing on the Greek philosopher of the 1st and 2nd centuries Epictetus. But I also want to take a look at perhaps the greatest Jewish philosopher of the Roman World, Philo of Alexandria, sometimes called Philo Judaeus but not to be confused with Philo of Larisa. He was deeply influenced by the Stoic philosophers, especially in his writings about ethics.

I’ll upload some readings for the session here.  I may add to them before Thursday 23rd, so if you’re printing them out for the session, leave it until Friday, if you can. I will have a few copies available on the day.

Hope to see you on Saturday at 11am. Bring your thoughts, questions and some vegetarian food for a shared lunch.


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